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Elizabeth Hurley Loves Threesomes and Cum Facials

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

What do all these images have in common?  They all show that Liz Hurley is a kinky, horny slut who loves getting it on with two men (or more) at once, is what they show.  And furthermore, it also shows that she loves taking their spunk on her face after a sizzling hot hardcore session!  I mean, just count how many cocks there are in those pics.  This sexy and smart British babe sure knows what she wants in life, and she’s not afraid to go for it!  When Elizabeth Hurley is hungry for cock, she doesn’t go for it half-assed like some people would.  She goes all the way and gets herself the most number of cocks she can for a down n’ dirty good time!  And my guess is, all that hot sperm on her face is actually a big part of her beauty regimen!  Natural nutrients beat Estee Lauder anytime, for this horny hottie.

Looking for more hot and dirty Elizabeth Hurley action?  Then check out the explicit images they’ve got of Liz and others on the link, and go enjoy your raunchy Hollywood experience.