Elizabeth Hurley Posing Totally Naked

The cosmetics company Estee Lauder signed Elizabeth Hurley to an exclusive contract in 1995, and it was her first modelling job ever.  Even without any experience, Liz Hurley’s definitely got the face that can launch a thousand beauty products, and she’s been their main spokesmodel for their products until 2001, when she was replaced by Caroline Murphy.  She still models for Estee Lauder, although not in an exclusive capacity anymore, which means she can do some work for other companies that want to acquire her services.

So maybe that’s why there’s been a proliferation of Elizabeth Hurley naked photos recently.  Now that she doesn’t have to worry about ruining the good name of Estee lauder cosmetics, then she can go ahead and take those risque and edgy modelling jobs I’m sure she’s been wanting to do.  She was a punk in her early years, after all, complete with the dyed hair and nose piercing.  Now that’s the kind of gal who’d probably want to show her tits and pussy while dressed in a sexy corset, like in the black-and-white photo we have here.

But what about all those other naked pics?  What products can she be modelling for there?  Beddings, maybe?  Or maybe she just likes to go wild and pose naked once in a while, for her pleasure and ours.  Now that’s the kind of gal we like, and you can find lots more of her naked images when you go and click on this link.

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