Hardcore Elizabeth Hurley gets double penetrated

August 18th, 2016

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It’s really no surprise when Elizabeth Hurley would end up with two stiff dicks penetrating her holes. It’s just a matter of time as to when we would discover her doing such naughty act and you’ve come to the right place to watch just that. She’s one hot sex siren that could take in more than she thinks she could handle and it shows in this hardcore sex tape. She works those boners perfectly, grinding her ass wildly as she gets those shafts inside her fast and deep until both spray their cum all over her!

Elizabeth Hurley fucked deep and gets sprayed

April 8th, 2016

When Elizabeth Hurley played the Devil on the film Bedazzled, everyone got hooked. It was like watching her in her real life, doing all sorts of evil stuff with hunks like Brendan Fraser and there’s actually a truth to that character. In this video, Elizabeth was in all her demonic sex siren “beast mode” getting her huge tits and wet cunt banged hard until she gets sprayed. This is who she is in real and it all makes sense now. She was being herself on the movie that’s why she’s one hella badass.

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Elizabeth Hurley Feeling Horny And Doing Something About It

April 30th, 2010

Now we all know that Elizabeth Hurley is a hot MILF and she’s probably got guys lined up just to take a bang at her.  But what about those times when she’s alone, or just doesn’t like the guy she’s with?  What can a girl do then?  Well, here we have photos showing Liz Hurley’s solution to those dilemmas.  She simply masturbates!  D’oh!

Liz Hurley is so hot that we forgot that she even remembers how to play with her pussy, a pastime more suitable for nuns and ugly chicks.  But here she is touching her pussy like a young virgin again, although maybe that bright red dildo isn’t so virginal after all.  But the point is, Elizabeth Hurley likes to play with herself and she’s not at all shy about showing it off in front of others.

I wonder how the men she rejected feel about that?  To be rejected and replaced by her hand or a sextoy when it comes to pleasuring herself must hurt.  Well, then the guys who got put down can have their revenge by clicking on this link and getting more of Elizabeth Hurley’s masturbation pics so they can have a good wank themselves!

Liz Hurley And Hugh Grant In Happier, More Erotic Days

July 3rd, 2008

Now that’s an image of two people in love, don’t you think?  With Hugh’s wanker sliding between Liz’s juicy boobies, this lucky sod is getting a titjob most of us can only dream about.  Why this guy decided to go try out a cheap Hollywood hooker instead of letting Liz Hurley wax his pole as usual, is beyond me.  If Divine Brown was a lot sexier and hotter, maybe I’d understand the need for some quick n’ fast sexual gratification with her, but after having some prime steak like Elizabeth Hurley, how could you settle for warmed-over, greasy sloppy joes like Divine?  Boy, Liz sure does look happy having Hugh’s cock between her titties!

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Elizabeth Hurley Loves Threesomes and Cum Facials

July 3rd, 2008

What do all these images have in common?  They all show that Liz Hurley is a kinky, horny slut who loves getting it on with two men (or more) at once, is what they show.  And furthermore, it also shows that she loves taking their spunk on her face after a sizzling hot hardcore session!  I mean, just count how many cocks there are in those pics.  This sexy and smart British babe sure knows what she wants in life, and she’s not afraid to go for it!  When Elizabeth Hurley is hungry for cock, she doesn’t go for it half-assed like some people would.  She goes all the way and gets herself the most number of cocks she can for a down n’ dirty good time!  And my guess is, all that hot sperm on her face is actually a big part of her beauty regimen!  Natural nutrients beat Estee Lauder anytime, for this horny hottie.

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Elizabeth Hurley Posing Totally Naked

July 3rd, 2008

The cosmetics company Estee Lauder signed Elizabeth Hurley to an exclusive contract in 1995, and it was her first modelling job ever.  Even without any experience, Liz Hurley’s definitely got the face that can launch a thousand beauty products, and she’s been their main spokesmodel for their products until 2001, when she was replaced by Caroline Murphy.  She still models for Estee Lauder, although not in an exclusive capacity anymore, which means she can do some work for other companies that want to acquire her services.

So maybe that’s why there’s been a proliferation of Elizabeth Hurley naked photos recently.  Now that she doesn’t have to worry about ruining the good name of Estee lauder cosmetics, then she can go ahead and take those risque and edgy modelling jobs I’m sure she’s been wanting to do.  She was a punk in her early years, after all, complete with the dyed hair and nose piercing.  Now that’s the kind of gal who’d probably want to show her tits and pussy while dressed in a sexy corset, like in the black-and-white photo we have here.

But what about all those other naked pics?  What products can she be modelling for there?  Beddings, maybe?  Or maybe she just likes to go wild and pose naked once in a while, for her pleasure and ours.  Now that’s the kind of gal we like, and you can find lots more of her naked images when you go and click on this link.

Liz Hurley Topless At The Beach

July 3rd, 2008

It’s estimated that Elizabeth Hurley has made over $25 million in her entire career so far, and she’s currently married to a very rich Indian businessman, so this babe is really loaded!  She lives the quiet life though, in her farm in the countryside with her children, although she’s rumored to be in negotiations for a reality show featuring her and the things she does there.  Well, with all that money, you can bet she still likes to jetset around a lot, and a Brit babe like her just can’t resist the beach, where it’s nice, warm and sunny, everything that is the opposite of living in England.  And with her sexy bod, she isn’t shy about going topless at some nudist beach.  Just take a look at that fine, tight body of hers.  That’s MILF material right there!  Her boobs are still so luscious, especially in that shot taken in a luxury hotel pool afterwards.  I’d love to grab those floatation devices in, or out of the water!

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